The #GetInvolved Project develops the following Outputs:

Train the Trainer Workshop

The #GetInvolved project developed a two-day training for teachers and trainers in VET. In diverse methods they learn how to raise awareness for discrimination and exclusion mechanisms such as how to empower themselves & their students in order to making change happen. You can download the workshop in EN, DE, IT and PL.

Learner Competitions Guide

The Guide for teachers and trainers helps them to conduct students’ competitions. VET-students shall be empowered and motivated to “GetInvolved”, to take actively part in civic society and engage in social projects. One possibility is to create internal competitions in school/companies or taking part in already existing competitions or even motivate students to apply in the Solidarity Corps by the European Union.

Selfmonitoring Tool

The project will develop a Self-Monitoring Tool, which can be used by companies, schools and other institutions within the VET sector, to examine their structure and raise awareness of potential discrimination, participation possibilities or similar. The tool will consist of different categories and shall have a format, which is easy to use and self-descriptive

#GetInvolved Label

Building up on the other Outputs the project will develop a concept for a certification process that shall lead to the “#GetInvolved” label, which certifies VET-institutions, schools and companies democratic competences and structures. As mentioned, it is important to create role models within the VET-Institutions to cause a real change also in peoples’ mind. The label assures a real change within the named institutions, gives them a better visibility, and supports them in the competition for the best young talents.

State of the Art Reports

The project started in 2020 with a desk research on the situation in the partner countries. We researched about the acutal state regarding democracy and discrimination in VET, policy initiatives, funding programmes by the national governments on the topic of democracy, the actual status of the VET programmes (where is room for civic education) and collected already existing competitions dealing with democracy.

Download the reports here: