#GetInvolved | Self-Monitoring Tool

In order to strengthen and protect our free and democratic society, we are all called upon to be role models and create democratic structures in our everyday life.

Democracy is more than a political form of government and participation in institutionalised elections. How shall we motivate young people to actively shape our democratic system if we are not aware that we are confronted with it every day even in the smallest ways? Democracy is also a social form and way of life that is reflected in pluralistic organisations (clubs, associations, citizen initiatives and media) such as a culture of coexistence.

This tool is not a test you have to pass. You can’t perform badly using it. Rather, it is a survey which promotes the learning and development of your institution. Depending on the result, it helps you to be able to intervene.

Particularly in times of shortage of skilled workers, a transparent, open and participative corporate culture allows you to attract and retain employees as well as position yourself as an attractive institution on the job (and trainee) market.

We would like to invite you to reflect on your own hierarchies and decision-making structures with the present tool. At which point are disadvantages created for individual groups within your institution on a systemic level, maybe also without willingly marginalising someone? Or, at which point might we support systemic discrimination within our society by reproducing stereotypes and creating disadvantages because we are not aware of who we are leaving behind?

The presented tool contains:

  • 1 printable pdf with introduction and checklists
  • 1 Excel sheet with all checklists to use digitally
  • Survey questions to monitor the experience of your learners ( at schools and at companies, so 2 files)


Complete pdf:

Checklists in Excel & Survey for learners (word):