Why a learner competitions manual?

The second planned Output shall be a manual for teachers and trainers, which helps them to conduct students’ competitions. VET-students shall be empowered and motivated to “GetInvolved”, to take actively part in civic society and engage in social projects. One possibility is to create internal competitions in school/companies or taking part in already existing competitions or even motivate students to apply in the Solidarity Corps by the European Union.
Therefore, the manual will consist of guidelines, which explains how to motivate students, which delivers material to introduce project management systems, how to design a competition (categories, jury criteria etc.), in which way final presentations can be held, how to find sponsors for potential prices or projects.
Further, it will contain a list per partner country of already existing competitions that match the topics of democracy, anti-discrimination and diversity so that teacher/trainers of VETschools or companies are aware of the wide range of engagement possibilities.