Background and aim of the planned Workshop

Studies show that there is still a problem with discrimination in VET, this can be visible in relationships among students, between students and trainers or also in an institutional discrimination. Until now, the focus in VET was mainly on teaching professional competences and prepare students to start successfully a job.
Training focusing on Anti-discrimination, democracy or active citizenship were mainly foreseen in youth or general education. Creating democratic structures in the VET on a European level is therefore an innovative element.

Target Group of this Workshop are teachers, trainers and HR managers of VET institutions. In order to create democratic procedures, fight discrimination and activate students for social engagements it is important to train staff members of VET institutions. The workshop aims to sensitize them in this topic. In the end, they are able to recognise discrimination,
typical phrases and non-democratic behaviour. Further, they will be able to analyse their own institutions regarding participation possibilities or discrimination, so they will be able to import their new knowledge and to establish improvements in their institutions and working environment.
To receive a long-term change it is important to create role models for the students among the staff members and to create a “democratic philosophy” in general within VET institutions,
so it is necessary to train the trainer.

The planned Workshop has a high transferability potential because it will be designed as a complete and applicable format. So potential users can utilise it without having to spend a lot of time to prepare internal workshop sessions and coaching.
The material describes learning goals, a complete workshop session and delivers concrete methods and exercises right to use.