Teaching Activity in Bochum

Teaching Activity in Bochum, Germany

Between 20th and 24th of June 2022,we conducted a so called „Learning Teaching and Training Activity“. The activity took place in Bochum Germany and aimed to teach our staff members in the tools and Outputs we are developing within our project. 

The focus was put on our developed „Train the Trainer Workshop“ and you can see this activity as our first test run on the workshop and methods we elaborated so far. The participants came from Germany, Italy and Poland and gave us a positive feedback on our material right after. They underlined „eye-opener“ situations and are very motivated to implement presented methods within their insitution. Such feedback is of course what we wished for! Raise awareness and willing teachers & trainers to change something in their daily working life is something what we were aiming to, when we developed the material.

Next to the „train the trainer workshop“ we visited the Alice-Salomon-Berufskolleg in Bochum and the projects they are running on the topic of democracy.

Further, we presented our other material and worked with the group also on the label and the selfmonitoring tool.

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