Project Meeting October 2021

Finally we met in person

Nearly one year after the official start of our #GetInvolved project, we could finally meet in person. The Corona pandemic forced us to start this partnership in virtual space. All the more we were thrilled to conduct our third partner meeting in Vienna and get to know each other personally.

From the beginning you could feel the energy and motivation of all participants to work together and support democracy in the VET.

Our main activities during the project can be described as:

  • reporting about the project performing and comparing set goals (time, finance, results etc.) with the current status of project implementation.
  • monitoring activities like reporting about the status, identifying potential risks and discussing the evaluation of the developed products
  • agreeing on the next steps in project


So, let’s keep the fingers crossed that the pandemic situation can be stabilised in the future in that way, that we will be able to meet from now on regularly and keep the project implementation on track.

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